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What Is Religious Fundamentalism?- Meaning & Origin

Religion, in some cases, religious differences will play an important role in shaping national identity.

Religious sentiments have also been raised in the fight against colonialism. Religious rhetoric can still unify and inspire.

What is religious fundamentalism?

Religious fundamentalism is a larger movement that believes in the absolute right of a community (or individual) to their religion or beliefs. They are true believers of their religion that their religion is beyond any fault and hence it should be imposed on others.

For religious fanatics, religion governed every aspect of their daily lives, for which they decided to use their religious power to incorporate the entire society into their self-assured system.

There is no room for examination or critique of texts based on logical reasoning and scientific evidence.

Most of the religions on earth are associated with extremist elements. Hinduism can also be a part of several groups of beliefs supported by a large number of sacred texts, including the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, and thus the Brahmanas.

Therefore, the universal beliefs of this religion still undermine the thinking of some of its fundamentalists.

Islamic fundamentalists believe in the interpretation of the Holy Quran and Hadith and decide to apply Sharia law to all aspects of Islamic life.

Origins of Religious Fundamentalism

As a movement, modern religious fundamentalism is believed to have originated among our conservative Presbyterian theologians in the late 19th century. Meanwhile, by 1920 it was spreading among Baptists and other religions.

The main aim of the movement was to reaffirm five theological principles, which included the impurity of every word in the Bible; the virgin birth of Jesus; The physical resurrection of Jesus, the death of Jesus as the atonement for sin, and the historical reality of Jesus' miracles.

Those who start supporting the five fundamentalists are called fundamentalists.

However, the term was later used for Protestant Christians with a different view of modernity. But today most of the religions on earth are associated with fundamentalist elements.

Religious fundamentalism in India

The Indian subcontinent has a long history of communal conflict and inter-religious divisions, which have played an important role in its socio-political landscape. In the pre-partition period, the British policy of 'divide and rule' was the main reason for the inter-religious division.

After Partition in 1947, India emerged as a diverse society in the world with strong separatist influence.

The Indian government has addressed separatist tensions and demands in several ways. In response to the tensions of linguistic minorities, the States Reorganization Act was enacted in 1956 and the Government of India decided to create states on a linguistic basis after an investigation by the States Reorganization Commission.

When the founders of the Indian Constitution became aware of the confusion of India's socio-religious structure, they saw India as a secular state.

In the context of secularism, Nehru meant "the free play of religions, not merely their interference with each other or subject to the essential principles of our state."

Dr. BR Ambedkar was of the opinion that a secular state meant that "this Parliament cannot impose any particular religion on others".

But nowadays Hindu extremist groups and parties like BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), Shiv Sena, RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Singh), VHP (Vishva Hindu Parishad) – these political parties have not got any chance to create caste in national politics. , Capitalizing Hindu votes for their political gains.

Nevertheless, the Indian National Congress party remained committed to secular values ​​until Nehru became Prime Minister, and his successors avoided resolving caste differences. But later the demolition of Babri Masjid gave rise to extremist sentiments in Indian society.

The demolition of the Babri Masjid on 6 December 1992 cannot be the result of the anger of Hindus against the alleged desecration of a temple.

The 1997 Coimbatore riots were the first major clashes between Hindus and Muslims in South India. This was not the highest in Gujarat state in western India in 2002 when killings were reported.


All these incidents paint a bleak picture of 'Secular India' unless immediate efforts and action are taken, the article research, this significant socio-political misconduct always challenges the Indian society. It will not be easy for them to get rid of this problem. So there is a need to re-understand the meaning of Nehru's secular idea and Gandhi's Satyagrahi.

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Things to Consider When Buying Religious Jewelry

Men who are religious by nature show their inner bond with religion and what they really believe in.

As a result, her decorations are tied to her beliefs and values, and to her rigorous lessons. When we talk about the jewelry we usually think of women as jewelry is usually associated with women. However, times have changed and today many men around the world believe that they should find the best jewelry they can find.

Men who are religious by nature show their inner bond with their religion and what they really believe in. Therefore, their jewelry is closely related to their beliefs and values ​​and their religious teachings. There are many shops and online sites where you can find such jewelry for men but not all types of jewelry may suit your personality.

When you are thinking of buying this type of jewelry, you need to focus on an affordable budget. Some men usually go for gold and silver jewelry as they feel they want something that can withstand any kind of weather and climatic conditions. Gold is by far the most popular metal that can push your spending plan beyond your limits. 

As a result, you want to focus on different options, such as wood and various gems that are not too expensive. This will help you to get the same type of jewelry but at a lower cost which will suit your budget.

There is another factor to consider when it comes to jewelry. Millions of people usually wear such pendants and thumbs which are easy to wear and show their Christian sentiments. 

However, there are people who go out and find free articles, earrings, and even bracelets for belly rings where they can make use of such options. If you do not like piercings, it is recommended that you find the best pendants and thumbscrews that give you the best way to express your religious feelings.

It is equally important to use proper symbols while going for religious jewelry. There are many such signs in every religion which are considered holy and bad and hence you should go for such signs which not only suit your personality but also your complete faith. 

Christian cross and fish images are very popular and hence you can go for such pictures when you buy hard gemstones for yourself.

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Know The Nature And Personality Of People Born In November

The month of birth is very important in a person's life, Know the nature and personality of people born in November

A lot of that person's nature, character, career, etc. also depend on the month of birth. People born in different months also have different natures. In all this, the nature of people born in the month of November is different. The month of November is the most special of the whole year. 

Great festivals like Diwali and Chhath are celebrated this month. Many famous names were born in the month of November, who brought laurels to the country. Actors like Shahrukh Khan and cricketers like Virat Kohli were born in the month of November. Apart from these, Rani Laxmibai, Indira Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Sania Mirza, Amartya Sen, Aishwarya Rai, Kamal Hassan, Juhi Chawla, Tabu, Sushmita Sen, Nita Ambani, Winston Churchill, Yami Gautam, And the birthday of famous people like Zeenat Aman also falls in November. 

People born in the month of November have a special nature. They are very effective in nature. Also, these people are also very lucky. According to astrology, if you were born in the month of November, then you have come into the world to do good to others. Such people are very kind and benevolent. In them, stamina is also full of code. these people till then do not put it from the heart until their self-respect is not hurt.

Such people are very conscious about their careers. They know very well in which direction they have to go in their career. These people take inspiration from themselves, they do not need to take inspiration from anyone else. 

Let us know in detail what is the nature and personality of people born in the month of November.

1) People born in November have a special ability to create harmony among people. Many times when there is a fight between their friends, they do the work of patching them up. 

In the eyes of the world, these people are very calm and gentle, but they also have a lot of anger. Sometimes due to anger, they complain of blood pressure from a very young age.

2) If you were born in November, then you will get very strong friends in life who will be ready to lay down their lives on you. You may not do anything for them, but they will always be convinced of your innocence. 

3) Youngsters who are born in November do love very sincerely. If these people do not get what they love, then these people will never forget them. 

If these people get their love then they are ready to do anything for them. They are very kind in nature. 

4)  If the zodiac of people born in November is Scorpio or Aries, then such people can be miserly, but most of the people born in November also empty their pockets for the happiness of their loved ones. 

5)  These people know very well how to save money. They save money in some way or the other. Their pockets are never empty. 

6) These people like to do everything systematically. They keep even the smallest documents in the file well. 

Along with the document, these people also cherish the memories very well. They always remember their first thing.

7) People born in this month often become sensitive writers, journalists, police artists, surgeons, or detectives. They love children very much. Their mind is like that of their own children.

8) Their intuition power is very strong. They are aware of anything before it happens. They easily come to know about the nature of someone by looking at their face.  

9) There is a lot of charm and innocence on their face. That is why they get the benefit of a job, home, love, and friendship everywhere. They need to pay special attention to their hair, otherwise, they may become bald. If they leave these long long journeys, then they can get a very good life partner. 

10) Girls born in the month of November are emotional in the public eye, but in reality, they are practical. Whenever she gets hurt, she takes care of herself. She never uses someone else's shoulder for her misery. 

They have so much stamina that they can win any battle by using them. However, there is a slight lack of expression in them. When the people around them do not understand their point of view, then they get a little angry.

11) People born in the month of November need to improve their communication skills because many times people misunderstand them because of their communication skills. 

Do not take advantage of your charming and naive face, but make honesty your strength. You must come out of the imagination and accept the truth. 


What Is Religious Fundamentalism?- Meaning & Origin

Religion, in some cases, religious differences will play an important role in shaping national identity. Religious sentiments have also bee...